The Digital Cowboy 

4K to Hong Kong 

At the request of QuVIS distributor Jetcovision, Schiffman brought one of the first 4K DCinema players to Hong Kong for a joint demonstration with Sony.

The Sony projector is readied for demonstration by Mr. Ghu, Schiffman’s old friend and associate from Beijing. March 2006

Schiffman watches as the server is set up for the demo. Although "hands-off" is not his nature,

Schiffman’s left arm is immobilized after surgery prior to this trip. March 2006

Louise Tsang, a Jetcovision executive, and Schiffman discuss the successful demo in the cinema lobby. March 2006


Schiffman trains the Jetcovision staff on a mastering deck prior to the demo & trade show. March 2006



 Louise Tsang and a Jetcovision tech look over their stand before the opening of CineAsia. April 2006


 Schiffman’s old friend Liao helps Jetcovision with their display at CineAsia. April 2006


Liao discusses the details of digital cinema with customers at Jetcovision’s display at CineAsia. April 2006