The Digital Cowboy 


Schiffman made more than one trip to Copenhagen Denmark but had very little time for seeing any of the sights.

He begged a few minutes to stop and look at the Royal Palace Square and Christian IX's Palace.

Uniformed similarly to the Honor Guards at Buckingham Palace in London, this Dane is not held to the well known stoicism of his English counterpart.

Schiffman requested permission to take his photo and received it. The man posed for a moment and even warned Schiffman of approaching traffic from behind him.

No visitor to Copenhagen is willing to depart that city without a visit to "The Little Mermaid".

A personal view does not do justice to professional photographs of the famous icon.

It is difficult to photograph the 4 foot tall statue without including the busy commercial habor in the background or other tourists in the foreground.

These 2 photos have been cropped to exclude those.