The Digital Cowboy 

Schiffman was involved in the DCinema mastering of these titles and other works.


Pirates of the Caribbean - European Premier

King Arthur - European Premier

Digitally restored Robin Hood (1939 version) - European Premier

Star Wars Episode One - Japanese Premier

Harry Potter 2 - Chinese Premier

Belphégor, Phantom of the Louvre - Chinese Premier

K-19: The Widowmaker - Chinese Premier 

The Back Nine - World Premier



DCinema mastering is the final preparation of digital content for release to cinemas. Below, Teddy Kim is mastering some material as QuVIS salesman Vince Jacimzak looks on.

Mastering is not always done in an expensive well equipped facility. At times, material is prepared where ever space and time permit.

In the Spring of 2002, Schiffman had to prepare some systems for a special screening. The only workspace available was his London hotel room (below). Then E.U. sales manager Mark Hill looks over the effort. 2 systems and 2 computer controlling them are running under the window and on the desk. In the bottom photo, taken from the desk area, a third system sits near the door. Mirrored closet doors reflect the desk area from where the second picture was taken. The window and door are open to ventilate the room from heat generated by the machines. The open door also allowed quick access to the hotel power panel down the hall. Schiffman quickly learned turning on 3 machines blew the room's circuit breaker, as did the house keeping staff starting a vacuum cleaner. Obviously to get from one side of this "mastering suite" to the other; something or someone had to be moved.