The Digital Cowboy 

Digital Cinema Test Bed


In May of 2002, Joel Schiffman, Director of International Products for QuVIS Inc. was approached by Richard Boyd, Technical Manager of British Film Institute’s National Film Theatre. Boyd requested support for a planned Digital Test Bed.

Initially skeptical, Schiffman followed the development of Boyd’s plans with increasing enthusiasm and eventually pledged an unprecedented 2 year loan and support of a QuVIS DCinema recorder at no charge.

With the loan of a DCinema server in place, other manufacturers quickly signed on to the project.


In June of 2003, Schiffman delivered and installed the QuVIS server

which has seen extensive use since. In April, 2005 as the loan term

drew to a close, the NFT purchased the machine outright,

and it remains in service to this day.





August, 2003 - has opened first European Digital Test Bed (DTB) for testing of digital cinema applications in London's National Film Theatre (NFT), operated by British Film Institute (BFI). The European Digital Cinema Test-Bed – said to be a neutral trial ground for the examination of all aspects of digital cinema, is expected to run for two years and encourage discussion and feedback on the topic of d-cinema amongst exhibitors, distributors, filmmakers and equipment makers.

The Test Bed is result of partnership between UK's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), BFI and industry partners, including projector manufacturers (Barco, Christie and JVC), server makers (QuVIS and EVS), scalars (Snell & Wilcox) and others (including Screen Digest).
















                        An NFT Technician puts the finishing touches on the Test Bed equipment.




                                 Members of Parliament and industry press touring the DTB on opening day