The Digital Cowboy 

Global Channel Management   

Schiffman often had lead responsibilities for developing and managing the International Distribution Channel. The company often received inquiries from companies wanting to become distributors. Schiffman developed and managed the qualification process which began by asking the candidate company to complete an application for distribution. The document, co-written by Schiffman, profiled the prospective distributor's history, market perspective, financials, and quantified the company's ability to develop a geographic market for Schiffman's product line. The document also quantified his company's expectations of a distributor, including an ability and commitment to purchase demonstration gear, and train sales and technical support staff.

The application process served as a good qualifying process as most prospects could recognise whether or not there was a good business opportunity by completing the application. By the time the details of application were brought forward, both parties could understand if a distribution relationship could be productive. The actual distribution agreement was fair to all parties and non-exclusive. The training, development, and support effort on Schiffman's part was sufficiently significant that if a distribution partner made a productive effort to resell the product line, the was no reason or resources to develop a competitive channel in a territory.

Schiffman also developed and implemented a system integrator agreement for companies to vertically integrate his products into systems, without a specific focus on dcinema.

Schiffman was also responsible for managing distributor pricing information. Toward that effort, he developed the company's first auto-configuration quoter. This tool gave the international distributors a means of providing valid price quotations to prospective customers without needing to request such information from the company each time. He also conducted monthly audio-conference calls with the distributors as a means of updating them of program and product changes and successful sales and applications. In addition, he provided information on payment terms, shipping practices, and authorized certain distributors to use the carnet documents to transport company demo equipment between countries.

Each year during the National Association of Broadcasters convention (NAB) Schiffman lead a distributor meeting including new product announcements, training, presentation of new sales information and tools, success stories and more.

As can be seen elsewhere on this web-site, Schiffman was tireless in his efforts to provide on-site support to the distributors for critical demonstrations, trade shows, and special events.

The QuVIS International Marketing Team in 2002

L-R: Joel Schiffman: Director, International Products

Mark Hill: Sale Manager, Europe

Kelly Thiesen: International Sales Co-ordinator

Scott McCallum: Vice President, International Sales