The Digital Cowboy 

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong harbor has a long imperial and commercial history and has frequently been captured on film, from Jackie Chan movies to James Bond films.

The skyline and harbor traffic is an interesting mixture of old and new.

These souvenir pictures (below) do justice to the famous locale better than Schiffman's cell phone images


One evening, Mr. BR Ming, Executive Director of Jetcovision, took Schiffman to dinner at a restaurant known for its harbor view as well as excellent cuisine.

In this inadvertent double exposure, Ming and the restaurant staff are reflected in the window view of the famous harbor.

On another evening, Ming stopped at several stalls along the path to a different restaurant to make purchases.

Schiffman was confused about Ming's actions until he handed his purchases to the host upon arrival at the restaurant.

The stalls served as the menu, and Ming was selecting each individual item to be prepared for our dinner.


It was one of the most delicious meals Schiffman ever enjoyed and certainly one of the freshest.


Victoria Peak is the highest place in Hong Kong and the most popular means of reaching its summit is by cog tram.

The ride is short steep. A sense of the grade the tram is climbing by comparing the angle of the tram's windows to the vertical buildings beyond.

The view from the visitors center at the summit is impressive, even without perfect weather.

It IS possible to drive to the top and Ming's driver met us there with the car.

One of the most famous eating establishments in Hong Kong is the Jumbo Floating Restaurant (below).

It's accessable only by these shuttle boats, and reservations are required, sometimes months in advance.

Schiffman was told the experience was superior to the food and he has no regrets time did not permit the effort.