The Digital Cowboy 


Schiffman’s efforts in Asia were not limited to China and Japan. In October of 2002, he was invited to present DCinema at a conference in Seoul Korea, sponsored in part by IBM of Korea and QuVIS distribution partner Benhur corp.


Fortunately for Schiffman the Global language of Technology is English. Here, as at many events, Schiffman’s message is translated simultaneously for the audience.


John Kay  of Benhur Corp. (above right) demonstrates DCinema to the audience after Schiffman’s presentation


In addition to this event, Schiffman also made the first demonstrations of digital 3D and 4K in Korea.

As a result of these efforts, in 2005, MegaBox Cineplex Inc., Korea's premier motion picture exhibitor, installed 50 QuVIS Cinema Players into Digital Cinema theatres throughout Seoul, Korea. The QuVIS server, supporting DCI JPEG-2000 with an upgrade path to 4K, is part of a partnership project of MegaBox Cineplex Inc. and Dong Young iTech.