The Digital Cowboy 


On his first solo visit to London, Schiffman left the hotel on foot to see the sights. He walked to the Thames river, up to Parliament and the clock, over to Trafalgar Square, back along the River to London Bridge and nearby Tower of London, then back to his hotel. While sampling a local brew, the bartender asked what he’d done that day. Schiffman reviewed his hiking route and the man slid a free beer in front of him, actually saying, “Blimey, 'at’s about 13 mile you silly bloke. Why’nt you take a black cab?”





One of Schiffman's favorite sights in London is St. Paul's Cathedral, which served as a model for the US Capitol building in Washington DC.

The world famous Red-coated Bearskin helmetted honor guards at Buckinham Palace are members of "The Household Division".

All are active duty Soldiers with combat experience.

They are quartered and train at the entrance to St James's Palace on Whitehall St.