The Digital Cowboy 


An unknown songwriter wrote "I love Paris in the spring time", recorded by Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and others. The lyricist and singers may have had good reason for that affection, but Schiffman never visited Paris in the springtime, nor when it wasn't raining.

Paris is of course a very old city, dating back to the Renaissance. Like many European cities, it has many old and venerable buildings and cathedrals. The most famous of all of course is the Cathedral de Notre Dame, more than 1,100 years old now.

The Police cars in the picture below have no particular relevance. There's a Gendarme station behind the photographer.

In this view near the main entrance, some of the famous Gargoyles and the flying buttresses common to that architecture are seen.

The personae of Quasimodo was not evident at the Cathedral, but nearby, many gift shops and brasseries (cafes) bore his name.


Less than a kilometer from the Cathedral de Notre Dame is the much newer St. Eustace Cathedral, only about 800 years old.

Left right, Schiffman, Erwin, Robert Stratton, and Kathy.


Neither a cathedral nor and Imperial Palace, below is the merely the official residence of the Mayor of Paris.


The Eiffel Tower is much more impressive than this rainy day shot indicates. Apparently, it can look as impressive as the second image below, from a postcard.