The Digital Cowboy 

Planes, trains & other things 

According to airlines mileage statements, Schiffman has flown more than 3 million miles in his lifetime. Needless to say, he is well acqainted with the amenities, or lack of, on-board various aircraft. In his travels, he encountered forms of transportation not common to his native country.

The Shinkansen or Bullet train, is a common and popular inter-city transport in Japan. Rail travel is not common in the western US where Schiffman Lives. 2002

Europe also has such high speed trains. This one carried Schiffman from Cordova back to Madrid. 2002

A cog tram took Schiffman up to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. 2006


This one took him up the hillside to the old city of Bergamo Italy. 2006

This cog train carried Schiffman on a day trip through the Italian and Swiss Alps to St. Moritz. 2004

Water taxis and water buses took Schiffman about the canals of Venice, where there are no streets. 2006

This tour boat gave Schiffman a water level view of Amsterdam and its canals. 2000

Schiffman saw a few unusual vehicles in his travels.

"Herbie the Love Bug" made an appearence at the EU Premier of his movie.

Schiffman saw this MacClaren F1 on display in a window in London.

At the time, it was the most expensive, fastest production car in the world.

In Mumbai, India, low cost taxi service is available from these vehicles, powered by a motorcycle engine.

Another form of Mumbai taxi is this locally made TukTuk, named for the sound of it's tiny gasoline engine.. Apparently the operators know no limits to cargo or passenger capacity.

On the right is a variation of the taxi above, configured for cargo only and overflowing with tanks of liquid propane or similar.

The whole family rides this motorscooter, tucked in tightly behind the truck.

Privately owned trucks in Mumbai are extensively decorated. Schiffman is unclear about the meaning or possible results of "Horn Please".

It would seem Mumbai trucks have no limits to cargo or passenger capacity, either.

Perhaps the most uncommon vehicle Schiffman saw in his travels is "The Oscar Mayer WienerMobile".

This mobile icon has been used to promote Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs in the US since the 1950's.

This one was sitting in a hotel parking lot in Topeka Kansas, USA.

2 of the most common questions Schiffman is asked in his travels are,

"Are you a real cowboy?" and "Do you have a horse?"

"Yes", and "Not right now".