The Digital Cowboy 

Professional Overview 

Joel Schiffman has a unique skill-set of electronics, broadcast and commercial video, service and support, product management, training and technical writing, media and network integration, sales engineering, project management and more.

Schiffman’s experience and expertise have developed over 3 decades, built upon a foundation of interrelated job responsibilities.

His electronics background spans tube and early discrete solid-state circuitry through integrated circuits and modules to today’s firmware-based products. In fact, his knowledge and experience of tube-based amplifiers remains in demand by tone-seeking musicians wishing to revive the magic sound of a ‘60s era guitar amp, or those seeking some special extra from a modern tube-based Marshall or Fender amp.

Product knowledge followed a similar progression. Success at maintaining analog audio and video cameras, recorders and players, display devices and sound reinforcement systems progressed to the digital replacements of those devices; DVTRS, disk recorders, video, data, graphics and cinema projection.

In the early 1080s, explosive growth of cable television, product performance and cost reduction brought this technology within reach of businesses, education and other new uses. Innovative system integration was necessary to deliver a solution, which met the customer’s needs without requiring a broadcast engineer to operate the system. Schiffman’s success in implementing and supporting such system attracted the attention of Sony’s Professional Video Division, resulting in a invitation to technically support that company’s solutions on a regional level.

Computers found entrée in the video industry, initially in graphics and titling applications, eventually as device and system controllers as well. In the 1990s, computer-based platforms expanded out of the classic television-centric usage into business communications, distance learning, telemedicine and other “communications” methods. Schiffman’s 9 years in the video and teleconferencing industry included “in-depth, hands-on” experience in IP networking, LAN and WAN, as well as more traditional voice and data networks. (TDM, ATM, Frame Relay, Etc.)

To some, Digital Cinema might appear to be an esoteric application or industry. In fact development of the technology has very much followed the pathway described above. While content production and delivery follows a fairly traditional “movie studio” model, dcinema systems are essentially an application-driven integration of technology having roots dating back decades.

In summary, Schiffman offers unparalleled experience, insight and innovation, which would be a valuable asset to any media, internet, data, network, or integration organization.