The Digital Cowboy 

Professional Video and Broadcast 

Schiffman’s background is originally audio-visual systems and broadcast engineering. While in college, he worked as a Disk Jockey for a local radio station, and later as a news photographer for a local television station. From 1982-84, he was a part-time instructor in the Mass Communications at Arizona State University.

Third year university students attempted a “Music Video” remote production as a project. The local Cable company loaned the remote truck, parked here outside a local night club for setup. No minors were allowed on the crew, and no drinking allowed either.


Schiffman explaining how to use test scopes to setup and match color video cameras.

Schiffman reminds the crew how expensive these video cameras are and suggests a little more distance from the dance floor might be a good idea.

In January 1983, a Panasonic Broadcast group wanting some demo footage of the Grand Canyon for their ReCam product line enlisted Schiffman’s assistance. As a long-time Arizona resident he was well aware Canyon rim temperatures could be well below freezing that time of year.

The demo footage was not circulated by the company. The ambient temperature was below the operating specifications of the new camcorder. At Schiffman’s left, dawn begins to paint the Grand Canyon walls. Behind him, new snow from the previous night.


Sony Salesman of the year, 1986, Joel Schiffman tends to a small trade show display.