The Digital Cowboy 

Sony 4K

As Director of International Products, Joel Schiffman worked closely with Sony projector engineers at the Sony Atsugi factory. Prior to Schiffman’s involvement questions about the 4K video interface held projector and QuVIS server development at a standstill. Schiffman made several trips to Japan to meet with the Sony engineers.

Noting that completion of a server interface would define the projector interface, saving Sony time, effort, and money, Schiffman arranged for Sony to borrow a 4K DCinema server, and for Sony to loan his company a sample projector.

Final designs and testing were completed shortly before this announcement.

Orlando - 10/25/2005 - At ShowEast 2005, Sony and QuVIS are announcing the availability of QuVIS' Cinema Server, which has been developed by QuVIS to work with Sony's SXRD 4K digital cinema projector.  Sony's SXRD 4K digital cinema projector features a 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution to produce nearly four times the pixel count of current high definition TV displays. Complementing the projectors' outstanding pixel resolution is a high contrast ratio for deep blacks, outstanding picture uniformity and superb signal processing, including 4:2:2 to 4:4:4, which yields better tonal reproduction.



Sony engineer Kazuji Uemura (left) test Sony’s prototype projector with the

4K server provided by Schiffman. Hajime Kamata (right) points to a portion

of the projected image that has caught his attention. Schiffman’s server is seen in the foreground (right).