The Digital Cowboy 

Buena Vista International Show Reel

CineExpo 2004 

CinemaExpo, held annually in Amsterdam is a rather small "trade show" but still a very significant industry event. Studios present previews of the coming releases to reassure European exhibitors (primarily) of great titles coming "down the pipeline". Competition for "screen time" is fierce and each studio is well aware of the necessity of "wowing!" the audience during with their "show reel", a composite of preview and trailer material.

Buena Vista International is the global distribution channel for Disney Studios. Naturally, the "Wow!" expectations from that company are very high. In 2004, their show reel went beyond all previous efforts. Utilizing his company's frame accurate synchronization feature and Schiffman's expertise, the presentation was projected to 3 adjacent screens, the focus of interest moving between them. Such a delivery was unprecedented, and not without its challenges. One of the projectors failed during the final rehearsal and had to be replaced. An unexpected "final edit" arrived by courier the morning of the event, requiring all the material to be reloaded to the servers and rechecked. Below is a block diagram of the system configuration and signal flow. 2 of the titles promoted in the production were, "The Incredibles", and "Narnia", both very successful for the company.