The Digital Cowboy 

Napoli Film Festival 

In June 2004, Joel Schiffman was invited to demonstrate the latest DCinema image format, “2K”, to the Italy chapter of SMPTE at the Napoli Film Festival. Supported by QuVIS distributor Gabriel Berto, Managing Director of Impianti Televisi, and ChristieDigital.

Following the EU Premier of Pirates of the Caribbean screening at CineExpo, Schiffman flew from Amsterdam to Naples Italy to for the first demo of DCI's "Standard Evaluation Material" (StEM). StEM is an 11 minute clip DCI created to validate their proposed industry recommendations.



 Few Americans understand Naples Italy is directly across the harbor from legendary Mt. Vesuvius.

Schiffman hand-carried a QuVIS prototype Acuity server, the only 2K server in existence from Amsterdam after successful 2K demonstrations at the 2004 CinemaExpo.