The Digital Cowboy 

Sorrento International Film Festival

July 2006


SMPTE’s Italy chapter invited Joel Schiffman to present another 3D demonstration, at the Sorrento International Film Festival. Sorrento is a small town across the harbor from Naples, behind Mt. Vesuvius.

Southern Italy is noted for a popular liqueur, Limoncello, and Sorrento is noted for the best. Its annual film festival is nearly as well known.



Additional 3D screenings were added to meet the demand and expectations of festival attendees. Schiffman found himself working with a young projectionist without any experience with digital 3D. Although Schiffman’s expertise was with servers, his unequaled experience in demonstrating digital 3D gave him the needed background to help the young projectionist correctly configure the projector. Schiffman speaks no Italian, and although Mr. Berto is multi-lingual, the projector’s user interface was in Italian.