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"Still Life" at Venice

Beyond the rewards of a job well-done, or successfully concluding a sales agreement, occasionally one's efforts assist others achievements. Such was the case at the 2006 Venice Film festival.


VENICE (Reuters) - "Still Life", a Chinese film about ordinary people's lives set against the giant Three Gorges Dam project, was the surprise winner of the Venice Film Festival's coveted Golden Lion award on Saturday. Directed by Jia Zhang-Ke, the picture was a late entry into the main competition but swept aside hot favourites including Stephen Frears' "The Queen", Emilio Estevez's "Bobby" and Emanuele Crialese's "Golden Door".

"Still Life" Director Jia Zhang-Ke accepts the Golden Lion award.

“We are very proud of this award. This film would not have been seen here in Lido, if it was not for all these people and QuVIS,” said Director Zhang-Ke. “As an artist, it’s important that the images represented are exactly as intended. The images and playback were flawless.”

As mentioned above, the film was a late entry to the Festival.  Upon receipt of the invitation, Producer Chow Keung discovered there were no facilities in China which could provide new 35 mm copies of his works in time for the festival. Schiffman learned of the issue through a mutual friend, and suggested he contact the Beijing Film Academy, a film school and one of Schiffman's customers. Schiffman had recently provided upgraded digital mastering systgem to the school, and in fact, the Academy was the most state-of-the-art dcinema facility in the country.  Students and faculty mastered “Dong” and the Golden Lion winner on a QuVIS Acuity. The digital packages were then hand carried to Lido on a USB hard drives

Our screening was perfect, beautiful,” said Producer Chow Keung. “I am very pleased that QuVIS could us assist us in Venice, as well as excellent support given to us in China during the mastering. The Venice Festival Office also told me about the good work of your company before we arrived.”