The Digital Cowboy 

The Digital Cowboy Off-Duty 

Schiffman's appearance was not only one of personal choice, but also a professional effort at personal branding. As the most frequently visible representative of his company's small international group, Schiffman made every effort to differentiate himself from his competitors. Superior support, personality, dedication, courtesy, image and more made him one of the most recognized members of the digital cinema industry. "The Cowboy" quickly became one well known around the world and it was only a short step to become "The Digital Cowboy".

Working Internationally, traveling to new places, meeting new people and making new friends is a privilege Schiffman will never under-rate. Much of the work done at cinemas is only possible after the last show at night. His other duties kept him busy during the day, during "normal" working hours. With little time for sight-seeing, Schiffman grabbed every chance possible to experience the cultures, sights, and people in the countries he hadn't traveled to before.

Belgium-Germany                                        In China

Spain                                                            Taipei, Taiwan

Italy                                                               Seoul Korea

London                                                         Tokyo

Paris                                                              Hong Kong 

Copenhagen                                                 Planes, trains & other things


The Digital Cowboy with some of his friends. L-R, Oddie Octaviadi from Jakarta, Indonesia, Eun Huh from Seoul, Korea.