The Digital Cowboy 

Trade Shows

International Trade Show support was one of Schiffman’s major responsibilities. Frequently, he was the key technical resource for the company at such events. Often, he was the only representative of the company.

Providing such support drew upon his many talents

Schiffman's first day with QuVIS found him on a plane to Japan.

His 2nd day was supporting "The Wavies".

In October 0f 2001, he was back in Japan supporting partner DStorm at the InterBee exhibition.


InterBee 2002 found Schiffman presenting an overview of his company and its market strategy at an industry press conference.


The latter part of 2002 found Schiffman launching a new partnership with Xeltec, Inc. at the Broadcast Spain event in Madrid.

(L to R) Carlos Xifra, Xeltec Executive Director, Schiffman, Jesus Xifra, Managing Director, Xeltec.


The Satis conference, 2001, Paris. Distributor Utram features dcinema.

Note the cinema server on the top of the rack, in the foreground.


Authorized Distributor Benhur Corporation, Dicon 2003 Seoul, Korea


Dicon 2003 Seoul, Korea


One of the many NAB events Schiffman supported. Schiffman is one of the people at the podium beneath projection screen.



NAB 2004. Schiffman is speaking with Mr. Hatori of Zolva, Inc. in the background.


Louise Tsang, Managing Director of Jetcovision, introduces SouthEast Asia to digital cinema at CineAsia 2006 in Hong Kong.


Schiffman's "young old friend" Liao (center) explains dcinema to a prospective customer.


The QuVIS display at the RAMM Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, 2006