Joel Schiffman, AKA The Digital Cowboy...

You probably looked at my Gallery already. If you're reading this, you want to know a little about me. You likely also noticed I'm mainly into electrics.

I've heard it said one may call himself a "Luthier" when that honorific is bestowed by another Luthier.

I'd call myself an integrator, an innovator, a designer, a dreamer, a practitioner, a fixer, a systemist. I learned woodworking at my Father's knee, and he, from his Father. I still treasure and use some of my Grandfather's hand tools. I've been making things with wood more than 50 years now, since I was about 5 years old. I've been fixing things almost as long.

Music has been a part of my life even longer, from my Mother's side of the family. Fortunately US public school music programs failed to crush my search for musical expression. Success and freedom came in the late 1960's with the release of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and the acquisition of my first electric guitar. That Teisco Checkmate sufficed until a used Gibson SG Jr. and a decent amp came my way in 1970. I treasured that SG too much to mess with it, but I did modify the amp for more gain.

I have an extensive background in electronics: tube technology through solid state and into digital hardware, software and firmware: 30+ years of fixing, integrating, improving, modifying and using a wide assortment of electronics. I've been a electronics repair tech, radio DeeJay, television news photographer, concert mixer board operator, audio, video, and network system engineer, and more. From all of this comes an ethos of workmanship. If I work on a guitar for you, you can expect nothing less than the best possible craftsmanship, my best effort. You'll receive something I will be proud of and hopefully you will too.

 In the past 4 decades, various electric guitars and women have passed through my life and I reached a couple of life-directing conclusions.

 Enough about me, what's in this for you?