Scratch-built or Integrated?   

I'll build you a guitar completely from scratch if you want. I'll even cut the tree. (Actually, I already did, more later) There are a lot of outstanding off-the-shelf components available and generally, your money and my time are better spent utilizing them where that makes the most sense. Do I just slap parts together? NO!

Unique System Design -  An electric guitar is a system. The body shape, wood, neck, scale length, electronics package and more make up this system. A heavy metal guitar is completely different than a blues guitar. Based on what you want, I'll design and integrate the system. It's your guitar, we'll develope it together. We'll discuss the what, how, and why of the system in detail. Some things just don't work like stone bodies or bronze necks. Other choices are more wide open, such as fit and finish, hardware, & pick-ups. I build custom tone stacks and switching based on your wants. I have a new body material like nothing you've ever seen or heard. Click here for a look.

Workmanship - I make it right, I make it good, or I make it again. My custom guitars come with a limited, lifetime warranty. The limits? The original owner's lifetime, or mine. Defects of workmanship or material are covered; abuse, normal wear & tear aren't.

Progress Updates - Once your order is defined and placed, I'll send you regular progress reports with photos, & sound files. You'll see the body come to life, the neck join up, the electronics from parts to done, the finish from sanding to gleam. You'll know your guitar like a good friend before you touch it for the first time. It can take 3-6 months to build your Unique Guitar. It depends on the system we integrate and lot of it depends on the finish you want. There's no factory assembly line here.

Presentation - Your completed Unique Guitar comes with an an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) embedded in them and a gig bag of your choice. (Hard shell case optional) If you wish, I'll personally deliver it to you, anywhere in the world. Some combat zones excepted.

Pricing - Obviously, that depends too. Send me an email of what you have in mind & I'll work up an estimate.