Behind the Scenes 

Fret leveling - After truing the neck, I level the frets with a long, flat hand stone.











When the frets are level, I recrown them with a fret-crowning file. Then I clean and shape the ends

and polish them absolutely smooth. This image is after recrowning, but prior to the subsequent steps.











This PUP pocket on the FV-10V is shielded to reduce hum. These unpotted 1980's era humbuckers aren't

as hum resistant as more modern PUPs. The black wire is a ground lead running back to the control pocket.



The original trem bar for the FV-10V is gone. I used 3 tension springs to level the bridge,

then blocked the trem in place. The blue wire grounds the trem cover to the claw.

The claw screws are grounded to the copper tape. Yes, that's my name card glued under the claw.