Guitar Security                                               


Do you have a written record of your guitar model and serial numbers? 

Do you have a detailed written description of your guitars?

Do you have good photos of your guitars?                                     

Do you have more than one copy of the information?                                                           

If your guitar gets stolen, could you prove you ever owned it?


Guitars Stolen to Order

In some countries where US-made guitars are expensive or just hard to find, thieves "steal to order". An airport employee opens guitars cases coming off in-bound flights. If the guitar is on a list he's been given, he contacts an associate by SMS or mobile phone. The associate watches for the potential victim to clear customs and follows him to a hotel. When the target is out of his room, the guitar is stolen, with or without additional inside help from a hotel employee.


I put a personal name (business) card in every pocket of the gig bag or case. My guitars have a similar card glued inside the body. My custom guitars have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) hidden in them. I no longer travel with a guitar I'm not willing to lose or get damaged.